An Insider’s Guide To Moving Overseas

Hey, are you thinking about moving out of the country? Is it time to leave the US for a while and set up shop in Europe, Asia, or South America? Our world has gotten so much smaller. Where once upon a time, it would be very unusual to move out of the US to follow a career opportunity, today's professionals are willing to relocate. Here are a few things you want to know about planning the … [Read more...]

Is 2014 The Year Your Family Moves?

Did you know that the average American family moves every 5 years or so? If 2014 is the year your family is moving - whether that's across town or around the globe - you're going to want to know about Boston Pack and Ship. Boston Pack and Ship helps families save money when they move. We keep small moves simple and stress free by eliminating minimum load charges: we don't think you should have … [Read more...]

South Shore Shipping: Get A Free Quote for Your Small, Local, or International Move

One of the hardest things about planning a move - whether you're moving across town, across country, or all the way to the other side of the world - is figuring out the costs.  Moving companies are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to providing accurate, reliable information about what they're going to charge their customers. Hidden fees, add-on charges, and other surprise costs can make your … [Read more...]

South Shore Long Distance Moves

"When I heard I got the job, I was so excited!" Derrick said. "The opportunity to work with one of the leading companies in my industry - I never dreamed I'd have a chance like this. But then it hit me. How was I going to tell my family that we were going to move to Switzerland?" International and Long Distance Moves: Your South Shore Moving Company Getting your family to move overseas can … [Read more...]

Are You Paying Too Much To Move Your Stuff?

"Man, I never knew how expensive moving was!" Randi laughed. "I guess being a military brat just sort of blinds you to the fact that civilians have to pay to send their furniture halfway around the world." Now that she's on her own, Randi has retained the military-inspired tendency to travel light. "It's just me, and I only have what I consider to be the essential stuff: a bed, a dresser, a … [Read more...]

Long Distance Moving Companies in Massachusetts

"When I was looking for a moving company, this is how it went," Yael said, picking up her phone and pretending to talk. "You're going where? Tel Aviv? Where is that, Florida? How big a truck you think you're gonna need?" She laughed. "You can figure out pretty quickly which moving companies aren't right for you!" Planning an international move is always challenging. There are a lot of logistics … [Read more...]

Need To Move Overseas on A Tight Timeline?

Long distance moves are among the most challenging. The expense of moving even a small household overseas can be jaw-dropping. And if you need to move internationally in a hurry - with little or no notice! - the costs (and your stress level!) can go way, way up. If you need to move overseas on a tight timeline, here's what you can do to make the process as stress free and affordable as … [Read more...]

Boston: Planning the International Move

"I knew that marrying Jeff meant going places," Tracey laughed. "But I never knew that would mean moving to Africa!" The couple was thrilled to learn that Jeff, an environmental scientist, was selected to participate in a Kenyan research project. "We'll be there for two years - and then who knows where we'll go after that?" International moves have their own unique challenges. When you're … [Read more...]

International Shipping Spotlight: Boston Ocean Shipping

Whether you're moving internationally, shipping cars overseas, or have a very large shipment to make, ocean freight can be the most cost-effective option. At Boston Pack and Ship, we understand that you have a budget you must adhere to. We work with all of the major ocean freight carriers to provide you with high quality ocean shipping services at a price you can afford. With weekly sailings to … [Read more...]

Planning a Long Distance Move? Three Helpful Tips

Be Smart About Packing for Your Long Distance Move The number one reason items get damaged during long distance moves is that they weren't packed properly.  If you're just moving across town, you might luck out and have a box of wine glasses loosely stuffed with newspaper survive the journey - but when you're going coast-to-coast, that's not going to happen. Moving hundreds or even thousands of … [Read more...]