If the Olympics Do Come to Boston I’m Moving!

Some people are thrilled beyond belief that the Olympics may be held in Boston in 2024. I am not one of those people. Having already lived in one Olympics-occupied city (Atlanta, 1996) I've absolutely no intention of going through that experience again - especially now that we live in a post-9/11, post Boston marathon bombing world. The increased traffic, construction and security measures will … [Read more...]

Student Moves Secrets Every Parent Needs To Know

Hey, are you the parent of a college student? Getting your kid set up in their new living situation, whether that's a dorm, fraternity or sorority house, or off-campus apartment, can be quite a production - especially when you're surrounded by what seems like thousands of other kids and their families trying to do the same thing at the same time. Here's a nifty secret: you don't have to do it. … [Read more...]

School’s Out: What’s the Fastest, Best Student Moving Service?

Another graduating class has proudly accepted their diplomas, tossed their caps in the air, and now finds themselves facing the challenge of navigating into whatever life holds next for them. For many South Shore area students, that next step definitely involves moving out of their student housing. What's the best, fastest way for a student to move their stuff in Boston? The answer is Boston … [Read more...]

South Shore Small Business Moves

Whether you are a small company growing your clientele and in need of a larger space or just starting up, moving your business can be intimidating. Where are the client reports? Did you put all the computers in watertight moving boxes? Did you use enough bubble wrap on them? Did you put the moving boxes you need right away in last? Or first? Where are the office phones? These questions can plague … [Read more...]

South Shore Shipping: Get A Free Quote for Your Small, Local, or International Move

One of the hardest things about planning a move - whether you're moving across town, across country, or all the way to the other side of the world - is figuring out the costs.  Moving companies are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to providing accurate, reliable information about what they're going to charge their customers. Hidden fees, add-on charges, and other surprise costs can make your … [Read more...]

The South Shore Small Move: Save Money, Less Stress

"When I was younger, I tried to look at each move as a new adventure. The places we'd go! The people we'd meet!" Lolly M. laughed. "But after you've relocated 3 or 4 times, some of the shiny wears off. Now, I want the moves to be quick, simple, and stress free." Lolly and her husband, a surgeon, have kept their lifestyle 'purposefully minimalistic' due to their frequent moves. "We have what we … [Read more...]

South Shore: Moving Your Small Business

"I'm excited that we've found such a great location!" Maria M. runs a small bridal shop outside of Worcester, and has recently decided to move closer to her core client base in Boston. "What I'm not excited about is moving my small business." In addition to her retail fixtures, Maria has at least 2,500 gowns and several cases full of accessories and shoes.  "It's not necessarily a lot of stuff," … [Read more...]

Small Moves in the South Shore: How To Save Money

"After my divorce, I wound up living with my parents for a while," Max said. "Now I'm finally ready to get into my own place. It's not like I have a lot of stuff - a few pieces of furniture, my computer and TV, some clothes - so when I called the moving company I was absolutely shocked by the prices I was hearing!" South Shore Small Moves: How To Save Money One of the best-kept secrets in … [Read more...]

Boston: Making Small Moves Simple

Strategies for Making Small Moves Simple Choose a Boston moving company that specializes in small moves. In Boston, there are many moving companies, but not all of them are interested in handling smaller jobs. In fact, many Boston moving companies charge a minimum load size. If the amount of things you need to move turns out to be less than that minimum load size, you still wind up paying the … [Read more...]

Boston Student Move Tips

Before the End of the Semester Move: "Moving? No problem! I'll just call up a few of my frat brothers, and it'll take us no time!" After the End of the Semester Move: "Man! I can't believe my TV got broke. So much of my stuff got wrecked - and my frat brother is made at me because he hurt his back moving my stuff. Like that's my responsibility?" If you're a student who need to move, give … [Read more...]