Eastern MA: Three Things You Need To Know About Shipping Antique Furniture

When you need to ship an elegant Georgian sideboard, a heavy Highboy, or other piece of antique furniture, it’s a big job. You want to be sure that your furniture makes it to its destination intact and undamaged. At the same time, lots of antique furniture is really heavy and awkardly shaped. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to handle. Here are three things you need to know about shipping antique furniture:

Custom Crating Protects Antique Furniture Best

Protecting antique furniture means ensuring the structural integrity and finish or patina remains intact. This means your furniture needs to be kept safe from knocks, drops and bumps while it’s in transit. Additionally, it needs protection from chemicals, weather, and electric shock – all of which can ruin fine antique furniture. Custom crating is the answer. Specially designed and built wooden shipping crates are the strongest, most cost-effective way to protect your fine antique furniture. We’ve been building high quality custom shipping crates for over 20 years. See what a difference experience makes.

Attention to Detail Makes All The Difference

Accuracy and attention to detail are essential elements in making the shipping process seamless. Here at Boston Pack and Ship, our focus is on making sure our customers are pleased every time they do business with us. We know how important your antiques are to you, and we’ve spent years developing best practices in order to provide you with superior service – every time. Arranging delivery times, confirming delivery, tracking and insurance, even international shipping – we do it all!

Save Money By Choosing a Small Move Company

If you’ve got several pieces of antique furniture to ship to a single destination, your most cost effective option may be to arrange a small move. We understand that everyone’s on a budget. That’s why we don’t charge a minimum load size!