Eastern MA: Planning a Small Move?

What is a small move?

A small move involves transporting the possessions of a single person or small household from one location to another. There are short-distance small moves, such as a move from one side of Somerville to the other, and long distance small moves, such as a student move from Boston to California. There are even international small moves, which take the household from Massachusetts all the way around the world. No matter what your situation is, Boston Pack and Ship can help: we’re your Eastern MA small move specialists!

What should I do to save money on my small move?

Choose a moving company that specializes in small moves. Some moving companies charge a minimum load rate – you pay this amount whether or not you actually need that much space in the moving truck! That’s just ridiculous. Why not pay only for the moving space and services you actually need? Save money by choosing a Eastern MA small moving company.

Small Moves on a Tight Timetable: What’s the Secret?

One of the most challenging aspects of arranging a small move can be the logistics. How can you be sure that your possessions will arrive in the right location, at the right time, while you’re trying to simultaneously move yourself, your family, and your pets to a new home? It can be absolutely overwhelming. Stomp out the stress by letting your Eastern MA small move company handle the logistics.  Arranging the best way to move your possessions on time (and on budget!) is what we do best.

Small Moves For Residential and Business

Both households and businesses can need the services of a small move specialist. Remember, determining if you’ve got a small move to make depends entirely on the amount of possessions you need to move. If you have questions, contact us! We’ll be happy to help.