Planning a Long Distance Move? Three Helpful Tips

Be Smart About Packing for Your Long Distance Move

The number one reason items get damaged during long distance moves is that they weren’t packed properly.  If you’re just moving across town, you might luck out and have a box of wine glasses loosely stuffed with newspaper survive the journey – but when you’re going coast-to-coast, that’s not going to happen. Moving hundreds or even thousands of miles over bumpy roads means that your stuff will get knocked around, bumped and jolted. If fragile items aren’t well contained in their boxes, packed with supportive material and cushioned against shocks, they’re going to break.

Choose custom crating – a service offered by your Boston long distance movers – to offer the ultimate in protection for antique furniture, valuable electronics, artwork and other valuable, fragile items.Choosing the right boxes and packing materials for glassware, dishes, and collectibles now can prevent a lot of heartbreak when you arrive.

Let Someone Else Do The Heavy Lifting

A long distance move is inherently physically and emotionally demanding. Make the process easier on yourself by letting your Boston long distance movers do the actual heavy lifting.  Moving furniture, artwork, and boxes of books and possessions can take a toll on your back, neck, legs, and knees. It’s a tough job even if you’re in great shape. If you spend the majority of your time at a desk, as many of us do, it turns out that moving furniture and heavy boxes is even tougher.  The risk of injury is high – and the experience of sore, aching muscles for days afterward is virtually guaranteed. Let the pros do the heavy lifting and save yourself a sore, hurt back!

Work With Pros Who Have a Great Reputation

We hate to say it, but some of the folks in the moving industry are less than reputable.  You’ll hear horror stories about possessions being lost, stolen, or held hostage until the customer pays exorbitant fees.  At Boston Pack and Ship, we’re proud of our reputation for honest, reliable service. We know how important your long distance mile is to you, and we’ll go the extra mile – and even beyond that! – to make sure the job is done right.