The leased we can do…Boston Pack and Ship safely returns leased equipment

Leasing computers, copiers and other office equipment provides a very attractive option for many small- to mid-sized companies. Besides price, leasing gives businesses an opportunity to upgrade equipment without a long-term commitment—or remove units if a company has downsized. When a lease expires, however, the responsibility of shipping the equipment back to the leasing company falls on the lessee. And that’s something not every company is capable of handling.

“Nowadays, the technology improves so quickly that leasing really is the only option for many businesses,” said Joe Fell, co-owner of Boston Pack and Ship. “The problem is most businesses do not have the capability in house to pack and ship leased equipment, some of which can be an awkward size and fragile.”

As a small load specialist, Boston Pack and Ship builds custom crates and packaging and employs foam-in-place solutions to safely pack and ship leased office equipment. That can include:

  • Computers, monitors and servers.
  • Telephone systems
  • Copiers.
  • Chairs, desks and other office furniture
  • Video equipment and other electronics
  • Small machinery (less than 1,000 pounds)

In addition to onsite pickup and customized packing, Boston Pack and Ship will handle all the necessary paperwork, including arranging the appropriate amount of insurance.

“In this economy, leasing equipment makes quite a bit of sense for small to mid-size companies but they don’t necessarily plan for when the lease ends,” said Fell. “By having a shipping company in mind from the beginning, companies can enjoy the full advantages of leasing without having to worrying about returning equipment if you decide to upgrade or downsize at the end of the lease.”