Does the New Year Mean A New Career? Planning the Small Move

It’s no secret that the economy is tough.  Good jobs are hard to find, and people are increasingly willing to move great distances in order to find work.  If you’re in that position, and need to move in order to take a new job, you are in the position of planning to move.

There are many types of moves.  Here in Eastern MA, we see two types of residential moves: large moves, which involve packing up the accumulated possessions, furniture, and belongings of a large family, and small moves, which generally involve only one or two people and their household.  There are some special things to keep in mind when you’re planning a small move in Eastern MA.

Minimum Load Size: Many professional moving companies have a minimum load size requirement.  They will charge you to move this minimum amount, even if in reality, the amount of possessions and furniture you have is much smaller.  Choose a Eastern MA moving company with no minimum load size requirement to save yourself money: why pay for space or service that you won’t be using?

Reputation & Expertise: Let’s face it.  Not all moving companies are created equal.  There are respected professional Eastern MA moving companies, and there are fly-by-night service providers who load up everything you own and take off – maybe to deliver your stuff, or maybe to hold onto it until you agree to pay exorbitant, last minute fees.  Choose a trusted Eastern MA small move company with an excellent reputation. Do your research, and never be afraid to ask for references!

Avoiding Breakage and Damage: Packing for a move, especially an international move, is a specialized skill.  Using the right custom crates, moving boxes, and packing materials can determine whether you arrive at your new destination with all of your worldly possessions intact. Choose a Eastern MA packing company that knows how to ship artwork, electronics, and other fragile items to make your move stress free!