Small Moves Made Simple: The Boston Pack and Ship Advantage

There are certain points in a person’s life when they’re likely to need the services of a moving company that specializes in small moves. One of these instances is the student move, when a young person heads to university. Another instance is the senior move, in which a single person or a couple move from the family home into a smaller, more manageable property. This process often includes downsizing the household: you don’t need as much furniture or possessions as you did before. A third instance is the short-term professional move, when an individual takes up a residence temporarily while they work on a contract basis. Since you know you’ll be returning to your regular address at the end of the move, there’s no reason to move everything – only the stuff you really need or want to have nearby.

When you’re choosing your moving company for a small move in Boston, make sure to ask if they have a minimum load charge. Some moving companies make you pay for space in the moving truck you don’t need, want, or use! Here at Boston Pack and Ship, we don’t think that’s fair.  We don’t charge a minimum load charge for our small moves – whether you’re moving across town or internationally!

Even if you’re only moving a few possessions, the fact is that your stuff is important to you. You don’t want it to get damaged, stolen, or lost while it’s in transit! At Boston Pack and Ship, we put our quarter century of small move experience at your service, making sure your items are packed properly and loaded on the moving truck according to industry best practices to maintain the integrity and security of your possessions. Talk to us about custom crating and foam in place technology, especially if you’re moving antique furniture, artwork and collectibles, or electronics. Your small move can be simple, when you call in the Pros who Know. Call Boston Pack and Ship today.