Specialty Pack & Ship

We can pack and ship anything!

pack-ship-antiquesA Tiffany lamp, your grandmother’s antique rocker, or a full-length mirror with a mahogany frame – we pack and ship antiques

We stock every type of packaging and shipping material. When sending delicate, yet awkward sized and often irreplaceable pieces like these, your packaging options are few and far between. You can do your best with the packing materials you buy at the post office or a supply store and pray for safe delivery or you can use a small load specialist like Boston Pack and Ship that offers customized packaging and crate services.

Boston Pack and Ship employs foam-in-place technology to ship expensive and fragile items. A high-strength film protects the item you’re shipping, which is then “locked” in place with a foam spray, essentially creating a customized encasing that prevents movement of any kind and securing the shipment.

Boston Pack and Ship offers multiple U.S. and International shipping options—ocean or air—to help lower costs. Door-to-door and door-to-port delivery—with full, declared value—is available. Pick-up of shipments for delivery is made by appointment.

  • Experienced, professional packers
  • Pickup of “difficult to transport items”
  • Specializing in “hard to pack” items
  • Experts at jobs too valuable or too large for mailroom
  • One call for pickup – packing – shipping   insurance
  • Multiple carrier (air, ground, ocean) and transit time options
  • Full insurance coverage available Since 1988 – twenty years experience

We get it there safely & pack what people can’t pack themselves.

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