Boston Pack And Ship Cape Cod Review

Boston Pack and Ship shipped several antiques from my great aunt's house in Cape Cod to Southern California. These items included chairs, tables, and an original oil painting. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the packing. All goods arrived in perfect condition. I have posted a few pictures that show the quality of the packing. I would definitely trust them to pack and ship … [Read more...]

Boston Pack And Ship Braintree 5 Star Review

This company exceptional.   We have had an absolutely fantastic experience with Boston Pack and Ship in moving some treasured belongings to Florida.   Initially placed a call and spoke with Ryder who, based on our discussion, emailed us a quote the  next day.   It was very reasonable and stayed the same throughout the completion of our move.   Their staff is outstanding.   Two gentlemen came to … [Read more...]

South Shore Shipping: Keeping Connected to the People You Love

Today, our nation comes together to remember the tragic events of twelve years ago. If there's one lesson that came out of that horrible day, it's how important it is to let the people you love and care about know how you feel. Staying in touch is so important. Never miss a chance to let someone know you care. As your South Shore shipping store, we ship all kinds of packages. We ship … [Read more...]

South Shore Shipping: Back to School Season

"The summer flew by!" David R., a single father of three, said. "I can't believe it's time to send everyone back to school already." David's youngest attends a boarding school in Connecticut; his older two boys are both at college. "Making sure everyone has everything they need is always a headache. It's absolutely guaranteed that someone is going to forget something." Last year, David's son … [Read more...]

Let Freedom Ring! Happy Independence Day From Boston Pack & Ship


The Boston Pack and Ship team would like to wish each and every one of you the happiest 4th of July ever. Independence Day in Boston is always special: after all, so many of the pivotal events that shaped our country's history happened right here. It's been a rough year, no doubt, but we are and continue to remain Boston Strong. On July 4, we celebrate what makes this city and our nation … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Newest Face

Boston Pack and Ship recently announced the launch of the company’s Facebook page, In addition to contact info and photos of Boston Pack and Ship staff, the Facebook page features posts offering helpful packing tips. It also includes reviews from current and former Boston Pack and Ship customers. On the surface, a Facebook page for a small load shipper … [Read more...]

The leased we can do…Boston Pack and Ship safely returns leased equipment

Leasing computers, copiers and other office equipment provides a very attractive option for many small- to mid-sized companies. Besides price, leasing gives businesses an opportunity to upgrade equipment without a long-term commitment—or remove units if a company has downsized. When a lease expires, however, the responsibility of shipping the equipment back to the leasing company falls on the … [Read more...]

Boston Pack and Ship has IT

Boston Pack and Ship has IT… Questions every IT professional should ask before shipping any hardware DATELINE: BRAINTREE, MA… For all the time IT professionals can put into a server project—weeks, months, even years—it’s surprising how little thought goes into shipping that piece of hardware. Particularly when you consider the expense of the project, the value or information that piece holds … [Read more...]

Boston Pack and Ship creates International Student Division

No need to cram for summer sessions…Boston Pack and Ship creates international student division to aid students between semesters, after graduation. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:  Steve Dubin, PR Works, (781) 582-1061, DATELINE:  BRAINTREE, MA… As an international college student living in greater Boston, you face challenges the local undergrad or grad student … [Read more...]

All things come in good packages

All things come in good packages… Boston Pack and Ship customized packages and crates deliver valuables safely, securely and conveniently. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:  Steve Dubin, PR Works, (781) 582-1061,   DATELINE:  BRAINTREE, MA…A Tiffany lamp, your grandmother’s antique rocker, or a full-length mirror with a mahogany frame. When sending delicate, yet awkward … [Read more...]