If the Olympics Do Come to Boston I’m Moving!

Some people are thrilled beyond belief that the Olympics may be held in Boston in 2024. I am not one of those people. Having already lived in one Olympics-occupied city (Atlanta, 1996) I've absolutely no intention of going through that experience again - especially now that we live in a post-9/11, post Boston marathon bombing world. The increased traffic, construction and security measures will … [Read more...]

Will The New Year Bring You A New Address?

We're in the last few days of 2014. It's a natural time to pause and consider, "What's going to happen in the next twelve months?" Some people make plans; others make resolutions - almost everyone foresees some kind of change for themselves. If your changes include a planned change of address, here's what you need to know about finding a great Boston moving company: If you've only got a little … [Read more...]

Want To Move Out of the Country? Top 10 International Move Destinations

There are many reasons why people want to move out of the United States. Sometimes they leave to explore new professional opportunities or start a business. Other times, they're students, in search of knowledge. Some people move internationally to be closer to their families, or to make positive changes in their destination country. Additionally, becoming an ex pat is many people's dream … [Read more...]

Small Business Owners: 3 Reasons You Want A Packaging Service

If you're a MA small business owner, you may be asking yourself, "Why do I need a packaging service? Can't I just box up and mail out my products myself?" Well, this post is for you. You certainly can box up and mail out your products on your own, but there are 3 reasons why you might prefer to have Boston's best packaging service do it: 1. You will save tons of time. Properly packaging, … [Read more...]

Boston Small Business Owners: Finding A Packaging Company in MA

If you're a small business owner, particularly one that has to ship your merchandise either to retailers or directly to your customers, you know how important your packaging is. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the very first experience people have with your brand is the shipping container it comes in. Large companies know this, which is why they invest in brand … [Read more...]

Holiday Head’s Up: Choosing a Boston Shipping Company for International Gifts

"Sometimes I laugh when I hear people ask "Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?" Elaine, who lives in Boston, has four children. Two live in Europe, one's currently working in Northern Africa, and her youngest lives in Australia."I've got to get all of my kids' - and my grandkids'! presents shipped now if I want them to be there in time for Christmas morning." Shipping packages … [Read more...]

Does The Snapchat Hack Mean You’ve Got To Leave Boston Fast?

Have you been using the super-popular Snapchat app to send pictures of your naughty bits to a sexy funtimes playmate? Then you may be less than thrilled about "The Snappening"; a massive security breach in which over 200,000 'sensitive' images have been stolen and released on the Internet. Those sexy snaps are out there for anyone to see - including people who may have been under the impression … [Read more...]

You Can Get Netflix in France: International Moving Advice

The news you can now access Netflix in France is likely to be of interest to only two groups of people: investors and people who live in France. There's been an awful lot of chatter recently about big brands (why, yes, Burger King, we're talking about you!) moving overseas to avoid the tax ramifications of keeping their headquarters in the US. That means there's going to be a lot of hunger for … [Read more...]

Boston International Movers: Making a Complex Job Simple

"When we got the news that Glenn would be teaching in France, we were so excited," Sylvie said. "But I have to admit to a sense of complete overwhelm when it comes to arranging the logistics of an international move. There's so much involved, even though we have a small household. To send the furniture we have - well, when I tried to do it on my own, it would have cost a small fortune." If you … [Read more...]

Student Moves Secrets Every Parent Needs To Know

Hey, are you the parent of a college student? Getting your kid set up in their new living situation, whether that's a dorm, fraternity or sorority house, or off-campus apartment, can be quite a production - especially when you're surrounded by what seems like thousands of other kids and their families trying to do the same thing at the same time. Here's a nifty secret: you don't have to do it. … [Read more...]