International Pack & Ship Services: Experience Matters

"I chose my career because I love traveling and I value being able to help people all around the world," said Sayeed, a Boston maxillofacial surgeon. "What I don't love - and what my wife really doesn't love! - is all the work and hassle that comes with international moves." After navigating a move to Spain and back to the US on their own a few years ago, the couple learned a valuable lesson. … [Read more...]

Boston: Moving Life Science & Biotech Companies

The news that Genzyme is moving to a new, larger headquarters in Kendall Square reinforced Boston's reputation as the place to be for life science and biotech companies. As companies grow, they need more space, whether that's into new construction the way Genzyme is doing it, or into an existing vacant biotech space, as many start ups do. Moving the life science or biotech company can be a … [Read more...]

Boston Business: When You Need an Equipment Shipping Company

Whether you're moving your business, lease equipment to your customers, or have to send equipment to a remote job site, you need an equipment shipping company. Not every Boston shipping company knows how to prepare heavy equipment for shipping, and attempting to do the job yourself to FedEx or another freight carrier's specifications can be a nightmare. Make life simple and easy for yourself by … [Read more...]

Belgium, Malaysia & Other Popular International Move Destinations

Hungry for the expat life? Whether you're in search of adventure, charting your career path, or want to be closer to family or loved ones, an international move may be the answer. Deciding where to go is only the first step. Then you need to figure out how to get all of your stuff from Boston to Australia, Hong Kong, or wherever else you may be headed. Not all Boston moving companies handle … [Read more...]

MA Packaging Service: How To Choose The Best

When you have a large, oddly-shaped, or fragile item you need to ship, you'll want to seek out the services of a MA packaging service. Here's why: simply tossing your stuff in any old box you can manage to scrounge up, with a few newspapers and recycled packing peanuts in there as cushioning, is an almost virtual guarantee of breakage or damage. That's no fun. Nobody likes to open a box full of … [Read more...]

Record Breaking Snowfall Makes DIY Boston Moving Nearly Impossible

Even the strongest of the Boston Strong are having a tough time with the weather lately. Storm after storm has dumped a record shattering 70+ inches on the city, closing schools and even the T. Sidewalks and streets are in many cases still clogged with snow - you can make it through, but barely. "My Mother always said I had terrible timing," laughed Margaret. She's in the process of packing up … [Read more...]

Global Markets Demand Superior Packaging

Once upon a time, owning a business in Boston meant your customers lived in Boston. But today the world is different. Massachusetts companies ship their products all over the world - whether they're a small single person operation or a global corporation.Packaging plays a pivotal role in providing a superior customer experience in several ways: protecting products from damage, protecting against … [Read more...]

If the Olympics Do Come to Boston I’m Moving!

Some people are thrilled beyond belief that the Olympics may be held in Boston in 2024. I am not one of those people. Having already lived in one Olympics-occupied city (Atlanta, 1996) I've absolutely no intention of going through that experience again - especially now that we live in a post-9/11, post Boston marathon bombing world. The increased traffic, construction and security measures will … [Read more...]

Will The New Year Bring You A New Address?

We're in the last few days of 2014. It's a natural time to pause and consider, "What's going to happen in the next twelve months?" Some people make plans; others make resolutions - almost everyone foresees some kind of change for themselves. If your changes include a planned change of address, here's what you need to know about finding a great Boston moving company: If you've only got a little … [Read more...]

Want To Move Out of the Country? Top 10 International Move Destinations

There are many reasons why people want to move out of the United States. Sometimes they leave to explore new professional opportunities or start a business. Other times, they're students, in search of knowledge. Some people move internationally to be closer to their families, or to make positive changes in their destination country. Additionally, becoming an ex pat is many people's dream … [Read more...]