Making Downsizing Simple: Choosing a Packing & Shipping Company for Seniors

"After a lifetime of living in Boston, it's time for me to retire to sunny Florida," Rich said with a smile. "I'd tell you I was sad about the prospect of missing another snowy winter here, but I would be lying. My biggest challenge right now is figuring out how I'm going to distribute all of my stuff to my kids, grandkids, and friends." Downsizing at retirement is nothing new, but with today's … [Read more...]

Boston Pack And Ship Cape Cod Review

Boston Pack and Ship shipped several antiques from my great aunt's house in Cape Cod to Southern California. These items included chairs, tables, and an original oil painting. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the packing. All goods arrived in perfect condition. I have posted a few pictures that show the quality of the packing. I would definitely trust them to pack and ship … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Shocked: Electronics & The International Move

As one of Boston's top international moving companies, we talk to a lot of people who are planning moves to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America. Many times, people are curious about how they can save money on their international moves. One simple tip is to be very strategic about your electronics: don't ship appliances and other technology overseas that are incompatible with that … [Read more...]

The Expat’s Challenge: Who Wants All My Stuff?

"I'm so excited to be moving to Moldova," Amy said. "This is a real chance to do good work helping people." The Boston native has landed a job with an international health organization, and will be focusing on helping the people of Moldova enjoy easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables. "The only thing I'm not sure about is who in the world is going to want all the stuff I'm not taking with … [Read more...]

Boston Pack And Ship Braintree 5 Star Review

This company exceptional.   We have had an absolutely fantastic experience with Boston Pack and Ship in moving some treasured belongings to Florida.   Initially placed a call and spoke with Ryder who, based on our discussion, emailed us a quote the  next day.   It was very reasonable and stayed the same throughout the completion of our move.   Their staff is outstanding.   Two gentlemen came to … [Read more...]

Life Should Be an Adventure. Moving Your Stuff Shouldn’t Be

Okay, we'll admit it. We read this HuffPo article about a young family living a nomadic expat lifestyle and we turned a little green with envy. Well, not absolutely green. Not emerald green. Maybe a little chartreuse around the ear lobes - after all, who doesn't want to have globe trotting kids and romantic evenings in Rome and all that stuff? Adventure is wonderful - but the logistics of … [Read more...]

Boston: Here’s The Secret To Stress Free Copier Returns

"Running a small business is a constant balancing act," Meredith said. "There are a million things to keep track of, and everything's important."  The busy insurance professional was taken by surprise recently when the lease for the copier her agency was using came to an end. "I'd just assumed that they'd send somebody to come pick it up, but they said, "Oh, no. That's your responsibility. Read … [Read more...]

Thinking of Joining the Expat Community? The Best & Worst Destinations

Whether it's for reasons personal, professional, or political, more and more people are moving internationally, joining the expat community by taking up residence in a country other than their homeland. If you're thinking about making this choice for yourself and your destination hasn't been decided for you by your employer, it's good to know which countries are most welcoming to expats - and … [Read more...]

That $100 Shipping Hack You’ve Heard Doesn’t Always Work

Lots of people have been talking about Melia Robinson's success in shipping her stuff from NYC to San Francisco for just $100. It's certainly a creative cost-containment strategy, but it doesn't work for everyone and every long distance move, and we'd like to take a moment to explain why. First: Melia gave away a lot of her stuff before she moved - namely her furniture. Sometimes this is a … [Read more...]

Boston: Here’s The Secret of Shipping Electronics Safely

"My sister really needs a laptop for college," Amiee said. "I've got this one I'm not actually using all that much anymore, but I don't trust the Post Office. I just know if I throw it in a box and ship it, it's going to be damaged - or it will never arrive at all." Sound familiar? Many people have anxiety about shipping electronics. That's not surprising. We love our gadgets, but have to admit … [Read more...]