Shipping Packages to Remote Locations

"My daughter is a field researcher for the United Nations. She works on water safety and supply," David said. "Her work takes her all over the world. This can make it tricky when it's time to send her birthday presents or care packages. She's so far off the beaten track that they don't even have tracks!" Shipping packages internationally can be challenging. The situation becomes even more … [Read more...]

Shipping Boxes: Everything You Need To Know

Consider the cardboard shipping box. Is there anything more easily taken for granted in the world today than a cardboard box? We don't think so. You see cardboard boxes everywhere, everyday. They're stacked up in grocery stores, are full of paper in the office supply cupboard - you might even have them in your home, holding all of those college textbooks you were definitely going to use as … [Read more...]

South Shore Wooden Shipping Crates

Wooden shipping crates are essential when you're shipping artwork, antique furniture, manufacturing equipment, and other valuable, fragile items. Wooden shipping crates are far more rigid and durable than cardboard boxes. They offer more protection for the items being shipped, especially on overseas journeys. Where's the best place to get wooden shipping crates in the South Shore? Boston … [Read more...]

Harsh Winter Weather Highlights Need for Proper Packing Shipping Experts Say

Drifting, blowing snow, streets full of slush, and freezing rain are currently common sights all over the country. This has a definite impact on package deliveries, particularly if you're sending shipments to suburban or rural locations where common practices include leaving packages on porches and in doorways where they're exposed to the elements. If the contents of your package aren't properly … [Read more...]

Sending Valentine’s Day Packages Overseas: Now Is The Time To Act!

Every year, there's all kinds of headlines letting people know when they absolutely, positively must have their packages shipped in order to have them arrive in time for Christmas. And as we learned this year, sometimes Mother Nature trumps the freight carrier and delivery service's best plans. Snow, rain, and severe weather can stop planes from flying, trucks from driving, even rail … [Read more...]

An Insider’s Guide to Outsourcing Your Shipping Department

So here's the thing: you've got a small business. Things are okay, but money is tight. You're looking for every possible opportunity to cut costs. One potential savings opportunity lives in your shipping department. Is preparing your packages for shipment in house really the most cost effective option? Would you save money by having your South Shore shipping store handle the job? To answer that … [Read more...]

An Insider’s Guide to Successfully Shipping Fragile Items

Okay, folks. You're here because you've got something fragile to ship. We're talking extremely breakable here - things like Great-Grandma's Antique Crystal Vase or the iPad your kid forgot to bring to college with her. You want to send these things, through theĀ  none-too-tender auspices of today's shipping system, and have them arrive at their destination in one piece, without spending a ton of … [Read more...]

Two Shipping Resolutions Every South Shore Small Business Owner Needs To Make

There are a lot of small businesses in the South Shore. We're blessed with an excess of entrepreneurial spirit in these parts. Small businesses run the gamut from part-time single person operations to intensely focused professionals who are competing on a global level. South Shore businesses cover every industry, from fine arts and crafts through biotechnology and more. Many of these businesses do … [Read more...]

South Shore Shipping Holiday Packages

With less than a week remaining until Christmas, is it too late to ship holiday gifts? Not necessarily, say the major delivery companies. You still have time, although it's important to understand that the longer you wait to ship your holiday gifts from the South Shore, the more money you're going to pay. Additionally, as we all know, the weather is unpredictable. While all the delivery … [Read more...]

What Should I Do If My Holiday Packages Arrive Damaged?

"The UPS guy came right when I was in the middle of getting dinner ready. Of course the kids were being nuts too," says Janelle W., who lives in the South Shore. "So I just took the package from him without really looking at it. Afterwards, that's when I discovered that the box was damaged." "It had obviously been opened and re-taped," Janelle continued. "The side of the box was all smashed." … [Read more...]