Boston: Moving Life Science & Biotech Companies

The news that Genzyme is moving to a new, larger headquarters in Kendall Square reinforced Boston's reputation as the place to be for life science and biotech companies. As companies grow, they need more space, whether that's into new construction the way Genzyme is doing it, or into an existing vacant biotech space, as many start ups do. Moving the life science or biotech company can be a … [Read more...]

Boston Business: When You Need an Equipment Shipping Company

Whether you're moving your business, lease equipment to your customers, or have to send equipment to a remote job site, you need an equipment shipping company. Not every Boston shipping company knows how to prepare heavy equipment for shipping, and attempting to do the job yourself to FedEx or another freight carrier's specifications can be a nightmare. Make life simple and easy for yourself by … [Read more...]

MA Packaging Service: How To Choose The Best

When you have a large, oddly-shaped, or fragile item you need to ship, you'll want to seek out the services of a MA packaging service. Here's why: simply tossing your stuff in any old box you can manage to scrounge up, with a few newspapers and recycled packing peanuts in there as cushioning, is an almost virtual guarantee of breakage or damage. That's no fun. Nobody likes to open a box full of … [Read more...]

Global Markets Demand Superior Packaging

Once upon a time, owning a business in Boston meant your customers lived in Boston. But today the world is different. Massachusetts companies ship their products all over the world - whether they're a small single person operation or a global corporation.Packaging plays a pivotal role in providing a superior customer experience in several ways: protecting products from damage, protecting against … [Read more...]

Small Business Owners: 3 Reasons You Want A Packaging Service

If you're a MA small business owner, you may be asking yourself, "Why do I need a packaging service? Can't I just box up and mail out my products myself?" Well, this post is for you. You certainly can box up and mail out your products on your own, but there are 3 reasons why you might prefer to have Boston's best packaging service do it: 1. You will save tons of time. Properly packaging, … [Read more...]

Boston Small Business Owners: Finding A Packaging Company in MA

If you're a small business owner, particularly one that has to ship your merchandise either to retailers or directly to your customers, you know how important your packaging is. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the very first experience people have with your brand is the shipping container it comes in. Large companies know this, which is why they invest in brand … [Read more...]

Holiday Head’s Up: Choosing a Boston Shipping Company for International Gifts

"Sometimes I laugh when I hear people ask "Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?" Elaine, who lives in Boston, has four children. Two live in Europe, one's currently working in Northern Africa, and her youngest lives in Australia."I've got to get all of my kids' - and my grandkids'! presents shipped now if I want them to be there in time for Christmas morning." Shipping packages … [Read more...]

Does The Snapchat Hack Mean You’ve Got To Leave Boston Fast?

Have you been using the super-popular Snapchat app to send pictures of your naughty bits to a sexy funtimes playmate? Then you may be less than thrilled about "The Snappening"; a massive security breach in which over 200,000 'sensitive' images have been stolen and released on the Internet. Those sexy snaps are out there for anyone to see - including people who may have been under the impression … [Read more...]

How To Ship a Tablet To Your College Student Who Forgot It

If there's any thing that's sure to shake the  confidence that you have in your child - the one who only a few weeks ago stood beaming on the high school graduation stage - it's that first phone call after you've dropped them off at the dorms, in which they tell you every single thing they should have brought with them, but didn't. Number one on the list  of items your kid forgot to bring with … [Read more...]

Outsource Shipping To Reduce Customer Complaints

"When I started this business, I did everything myself," Rita said. The owner of a South Shore apparel and accessory company, Rita specializes in truly unique handcrafted items. She has customers all around the world - far more than she'd ever expected. "My emphasis - what I love to do! - is create these jewelry items for my customers. I can spend every hour of the day in my studio! But you have … [Read more...]