Does The Snapchat Hack Mean You’ve Got To Leave Boston Fast?

Have you been using the super-popular Snapchat app to send pictures of your naughty bits to a sexy funtimes playmate? Then you may be less than thrilled about "The Snappening"; a massive security breach in which over 200,000 'sensitive' images have been stolen and released on the Internet. Those sexy snaps are out there for anyone to see - including people who may have been under the impression … [Read more...]

How To Ship a Tablet To Your College Student Who Forgot It

If there's any thing that's sure to shake the  confidence that you have in your child - the one who only a few weeks ago stood beaming on the high school graduation stage - it's that first phone call after you've dropped them off at the dorms, in which they tell you every single thing they should have brought with them, but didn't. Number one on the list  of items your kid forgot to bring with … [Read more...]

Outsource Shipping To Reduce Customer Complaints

"When I started this business, I did everything myself," Rita said. The owner of a South Shore apparel and accessory company, Rita specializes in truly unique handcrafted items. She has customers all around the world - far more than she'd ever expected. "My emphasis - what I love to do! - is create these jewelry items for my customers. I can spend every hour of the day in my studio! But you have … [Read more...]

Shipping the World Cup Trophy

The World Cup has come, at long last, to its end. Germany has beaten Argentina in a very exciting, well-played game. They've been awarded the World Cup trophy: if you turn on the news right now, odds are you're going to see a bunch of triumphant Germans waving it around over their heads. But have you ever thought about how the World Cup travels from destination to destination? Any time you have … [Read more...]

South Shore Shipping Simplifies Summer Living

"We have three kids, a dog, five bikes and a summer home in Vermont," Madalyn said. "Our mini-van is large enough to carry what we need most of the time, but when it comes to getting away for a week or two at a time? There's no way to fit everything in there comfortably." After a few years of trying to cram every available inch of space with bedding, pillows, cookware and more, Madalyn got sick of … [Read more...]

South Shore: Is Your Shipping Company Keeping Up with Industry Best Practices?

The shipping business is like the rest of the service industry: constantly evolving in order to provide their customers with the highest possible level of satisfaction. Whether you need a South Shore shipping company to support your small business or you're simply shipping packages on a personal basis, you want to know you're working with a firm that is fully aware of and using current industry … [Read more...]

Shipping Made Simple: The South Shore’s Secret

Most of us aren't shipping packages every single day. When you do have to ship something - whether it's a birthday gift to a grandchild, a forgotten laptop to your spouse who's away on business, or an antique chest of drawers your Mom is determined that your sister - who lives in Oregon! - absolutely has to have now, it can be a headache. You need to find shipping boxes, packaging materials, … [Read more...]

South Shore: Secrets of Shipping Fragile Packages

"Mom's downsizing. That means this entire collection needs to go." Margaret is standing in front of a wall sized book case filled with glassware. "Some of it is going to her children and grandchildren. Other pieces need to be sold. I've got to ship all of it, and I want the process to be simple, easy, and affordable. What can you tell me?" Margaret came to us because we're the South Shore … [Read more...]

Shipping Packages to Remote Locations

"My daughter is a field researcher for the United Nations. She works on water safety and supply," David said. "Her work takes her all over the world. This can make it tricky when it's time to send her birthday presents or care packages. She's so far off the beaten track that they don't even have tracks!" Shipping packages internationally can be challenging. The situation becomes even more … [Read more...]

Shipping Boxes: Everything You Need To Know

Consider the cardboard shipping box. Is there anything more easily taken for granted in the world today than a cardboard box? We don't think so. You see cardboard boxes everywhere, everyday. They're stacked up in grocery stores, are full of paper in the office supply cupboard - you might even have them in your home, holding all of those college textbooks you were definitely going to use as … [Read more...]