Harsh Winter Weather Highlights Need for Proper Packing Shipping Experts Say

Drifting, blowing snow, streets full of slush, and freezing rain are currently common sights all over the country. This has a definite impact on package deliveries, particularly if you're sending shipments to suburban or rural locations where common practices include leaving packages on porches and in doorways where they're exposed to the elements. If the contents of your package aren't properly … [Read more...]

Shipping Grandfather Clocks: Best Practices


A grandfather clock is a treasured possession, beautiful to look at - but very difficult to move! With delicate clockwork, heavy pendulums and weights, glass and crystal, there's a lot of moving parts to the typical Grandfather clock. Keeping a Grandfather clock in good working order can be a challenge within a home - the floor must be level, the humidity controlled. Moving a grandfather clock … [Read more...]

Massachusetts: Shipping One of a Kind Items


Tonight, if you go outside a little after 6 in the evening, you'll be able to see an astronomical wonder. It's called the Transit of Venus, and it occurs when Venus' orbit makes it look like the tiny planet is traveling across the surface of the sun.  This won't happen again for another 150 years! No one reading these words today will be around to see the next transit of Venus. Here's something … [Read more...]