Boston College Students: The Time To Set Up Your End of Semester Move is Now!

Classes are winding down and before you know it, colleges and universities all over Boston will be hosting their graduation ceremonies. Underclassmen who are moving back in with their parents or further afield for summer jobs or internships, as well as graduating seniors, are all facing the need to get out of dorm rooms, apartments and condos quickly. The easiest and most efficient way to make … [Read more...]

The South Shore Small Move: Save Money, Less Stress

"When I was younger, I tried to look at each move as a new adventure. The places we'd go! The people we'd meet!" Lolly M. laughed. "But after you've relocated 3 or 4 times, some of the shiny wears off. Now, I want the moves to be quick, simple, and stress free." Lolly and her husband, a surgeon, have kept their lifestyle 'purposefully minimalistic' due to their frequent moves. "We have what we … [Read more...]

Boston: Making Small Moves Simple

Strategies for Making Small Moves Simple Choose a Boston moving company that specializes in small moves. In Boston, there are many moving companies, but not all of them are interested in handling smaller jobs. In fact, many Boston moving companies charge a minimum load size. If the amount of things you need to move turns out to be less than that minimum load size, you still wind up paying the … [Read more...]

Headed Home For the Summer? Boston Student Moves Fast!

“I thought I was going to be staying in town with my girlfriend over the summer,” Ed said. “But it turns out she has other things lined up and that plan isn’t going to work out. I need to be out of my place by the first. I’ve got exams and graduation and everything going on. What’s the fastest, easiest way to move my stuff back home?” Moving your stuff home at the end of the semester doesn’t … [Read more...]

Boston Student Moves: What To Do Now That The Semester’s Over!

In a few hours, students all over Boston will be waking from the graduation parties, bleary eyed and facing one of the first challenges of life after school. What's the best way for students to move all of their stuff after college is done? Whether you're heading home or getting ready to move to a new city to start your career, you'll need to move your clothes, books, computer, and all of the rest … [Read more...]