Massachusetts: How To Make Sure Your Father’s Day Gift Arrives in Great Shape!

Fathers Day Dad

Father's Day is coming soon! This year, the day to celebrate Dear Old Dad is June 19th - a little more than a week away.  If you want your gift to arrive in Dad's hands in time, the time to find the best shipping option is now. People buy their Dads all kinds of things for Father's Day.  There's the traditional tie and shaving kit, of course, but some folks go in for antique furniture.  Other … [Read more...]

The Challenges of Moving the Small Boston Medical Practice

Physicians, opthamologists, dentists, and other medical professionals all share a common challenge.  Moving the practice can be tough. Relocating a small medical office involves some complicated logistics.   Not only do you have the challenges of making a move in Boston – which is no small thing! -  there are issues of patient confidentiality to protect; delicate medical, office, and … [Read more...]

What Impact Will Egyptian Upheaval Have On Shipping?

The attention of the world has been fixed on Egypt, where more than a week protesters and counter-protesters have been battling over the country's future. Amidst the worries over the safety of the people on the ground and the priceless antiquities housed in the nation's museums, there's been a steadily growing chorus of concern: what impact will the upheaval in Egypt have on international … [Read more...]

Boston Office Moves: What’s Involved

Office Moves

Moving your business can be an exciting time. It may mean that sales have been rocketing through the roof and that you're on your way to fame and fortune. Needing more space for employees, equipment, and customers is always good news - but moving from your current location to a new address can be a big job. The Best Way To Move Your Office Moving your office is not a do it yourself job. … [Read more...]

Boston: Shipping Estate and Antique Furniture

Whether You Need To Ship a Single Piece or an Entire Estate!

Shipping Single Pieces of Antique Furniture Antiques are, by their nature, irreplaceable.  There's no way to get another hutch that's been in your family for four generations, no matter how long you look.  So when it comes time to ship your single pieces of antique furniture, you want to make sure the job is done properly. The first step in shipping your antique or estate furniture is to … [Read more...]