Shipping the World Cup Trophy

The World Cup has come, at long last, to its end. Germany has beaten Argentina in a very exciting, well-played game. They've been awarded the World Cup trophy: if you turn on the news right now, odds are you're going to see a bunch of triumphant Germans waving it around over their heads. But have you ever thought about how the World Cup travels from destination to destination? Any time you have … [Read more...]

Shipping Made Simple: The South Shore’s Secret

Most of us aren't shipping packages every single day. When you do have to ship something - whether it's a birthday gift to a grandchild, a forgotten laptop to your spouse who's away on business, or an antique chest of drawers your Mom is determined that your sister - who lives in Oregon! - absolutely has to have now, it can be a headache. You need to find shipping boxes, packaging materials, … [Read more...]

Shipping Packages to Remote Locations

"My daughter is a field researcher for the United Nations. She works on water safety and supply," David said. "Her work takes her all over the world. This can make it tricky when it's time to send her birthday presents or care packages. She's so far off the beaten track that they don't even have tracks!" Shipping packages internationally can be challenging. The situation becomes even more … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Way to Ship A Tablet Computer?

"My daughter called me from college absolutely frantic. Of all the things to leave behind, she left her Kindle Fire tablet here. And she can't go to sleep without it - she uses it to read herself to sleep every night. So I've got to ship it to her - but I'm worried it's going to get broken or stolen!" What's the Best Way To Ship A Tablet Computer? Whether you're shipping a Kindle, an iPad, … [Read more...]

Shipping Stressing You Out? Don’t Sweat It!

"They say that days are longer in the summer, but I don't believe it," Mavis said. "There's just not enough time in the day to get everything done that I need to do.  Everybody's getting married, and that means shopping for gifts, and that takes time, and then you've got to ship everything. That means you've got to find all these boxes, and somehow get the packing materials - where do they even … [Read more...]

Shipping Telescopes: What You Need To Know


Tonight, you may notice that the moon is brighter and larger than usual. That's because it's what astronomers call a Supermoon - an event where the moon's orbit is just a little closer than normal. It'll  be beautiful, and it's a great chance to do some lunar observations. If you're an astronomer, of the backyard or professional variety, you may need to ship a telescope or other celestial … [Read more...]

Boston: Shipping Hard To Pack Items

"Throughout the year, my work takes me to some pretty remote locations. I've gone to Ghana, New Zealand, and Morocco, all in the past 18 months." Stephen is an environmental scientist. "There's just no way I can bring all of the necessary equipment on site myself. It's too bulky and heavy. And all of this stuff needs to be handled carefully. If my equipment is broken, it's no good to me - and you … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving From Boston Pack and Ship


Happy Thanksgiving! We wish everyone reading these words the best of everything the holiday has to offer.  May your travels be safe! May your gatherings filled with family, friends, great food and laughter! May the team of your choosing win the football game! Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the many blessings enjoyed over the course of the year. We are thankful to you, our customers and … [Read more...]

Boston Holiday Shipping Spotlight: Shipping Artwork

The holiday season is here again!  That means it’s time to pick out gifts for your favorite people. Artwork makes a spectacular gift.  It’s the ultimate in personal gift giving: selecting a painting, print, etching or sculpture for your recipient shows thoughtfulness and care. It used to be that buying art was a rich man’s game.  That’s not true anymore.  Thanks in part to the internet, it’s … [Read more...]

Massachusetts: Making Leased Equipment Returns Easy!

Frustrated trying to return leased equipment?

If you have to return leased equipment, you know what a headache and hassle it can be.  Shipping leased office equipment, such as copiers, binding machines, and furniture is neither quick nor easy.   Trying to find time to pack these items is tough enough with your busy day. Now imagine the hours it's going to take the find the best, most cost-effective way to ship them! Massachusetts: Leased … [Read more...]