South Shore Shipping: Keeping Connected to the People You Love

Today, our nation comes together to remember the tragic events of twelve years ago. If there's one lesson that came out of that horrible day, it's how important it is to let the people you love and care about know how you feel. Staying in touch is so important. Never miss a chance to let someone know you care. As your South Shore shipping store, we ship all kinds of packages. We ship … [Read more...]

Boston: Moving To A New Office

Office construction is making a comeback in the Boston area. Both the Boston Globe and are reporting that it's the biotechnology industry spearheading the surge in new office construction. That means that if you're in the Boston biotech industry (or work for a company that would like to have a presence here) you may soon be facing the challenge of moving your office in Boston. Boston … [Read more...]

Massachusetts: Shipping Electronics – Should You Do It Yourself?

Moving Computers, Servers, Office Equipment

Whether you're moving your business, personal residence, or sending a student off to school, you know that packing and shipping electronics can be the most challenging part of the process.  Why is shipping electronics so challenging? Computers, servers, diagnostic equipment, and other high tech items have some traits in common that make them difficult to ship.  To begin with, they're … [Read more...]

Boston: What You Need To Know If You’re Moving Overseas

"I've waited my whole life for a chance like this!" Meredith exclaimed.  "When I found out I was one of only 4 people accepted into the Advanced Studies program, I was over the moon." She grinned. "Then it hit me: how am I going to move all of my stuff to Australia?" Boston International Shipping Moving is always challenging, but international moves are especially so.  There are a number of … [Read more...]

Massachusetts: Making Moving Easy

Make moving easy? You might think that's impossible.  Moving is always a big job - especially if you have lots of possessions, antique furniture, or bulky awkward. What's the best way to pack fragile items? Is there an ideal way to pack a household's worth of possessions in a truck so damage is minimized. Do you know who has a really hard time moving? Scientists.  Moving all of the scientific … [Read more...]

Massachusetts: How To Make Sure Your Father’s Day Gift Arrives in Great Shape!

Fathers Day Dad

Father's Day is coming soon! This year, the day to celebrate Dear Old Dad is June 19th - a little more than a week away.  If you want your gift to arrive in Dad's hands in time, the time to find the best shipping option is now. People buy their Dads all kinds of things for Father's Day.  There's the traditional tie and shaving kit, of course, but some folks go in for antique furniture.  Other … [Read more...]

Boston Student Moves: What To Do Now That The Semester’s Over!

In a few hours, students all over Boston will be waking from the graduation parties, bleary eyed and facing one of the first challenges of life after school. What's the best way for students to move all of their stuff after college is done? Whether you're heading home or getting ready to move to a new city to start your career, you'll need to move your clothes, books, computer, and all of the rest … [Read more...]

Boston: What Is The Best Time To Ship Computers?

“I honestly didn’t think that moving our business was going to be such a big deal,” Leah said. Her Boston graphic design firm had outgrown the two room space they’d been renting, and it was time to relocate uptown. “We don’t have a lot of stuff: we don’t have to move inventory or ship manufacturing equipment.” What Leah’s firm does have is computers. Lots of computers. “I’m not even counting … [Read more...]

Eastern MA: Custom Shipping Solutions for Small Business

“Every lamp I create is one of a kind.” Sahra Z. creates stunning stained glass artwork in her Eastern MA home. Her studio is filled with lamps, windows, picture frames, and keepsake boxes – all crafted from fragile glass. “If this lamp doesn’t make it to the customer safely, that’s it – it’s gone! It’s a disaster. I can’t just pick another one of the shelf and replace it.” Shipping her wares … [Read more...]

Boston: Packing and Shipping High Tech Items

What's The Best Way to Ship iphones

Have you heard the latest iPhone news?  It seems that a day can't go by without there being some kind of news story about Apple offerings.  iPhones, iPods, and iPads dominate the headlines. In the latest twist, Apple has announced plans to link smartphones to credit cards. That means we'll be able to do all of our banking - or pay for that latest impulse purchase - simply by using our … [Read more...]